Inventory of Sorts

<a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> A Noonday sister and lady after my own heart, Wynne Elder did a blog post titled 'Taking Stock'. Just a little sneak-peak into what's going on with her, and I loved it {if you haven't already, seriously go check out her blog. She's real, she has the cutest little twins and she's just so endearing} and thought it was a fun idea, so I decided to copy it!

Inside Laura's head {brace yourself}:

Making: a mess on my floor with pumpkin muffin crumbs.

Cooking: nothing, oddly has been a little cray-cray!

Reading: One Way Love by Tullian Tchividjian. Changing my life.

Wanting: to sleep through the night.

Looking: for what God's doing next.

Playing: sword fights with my Aiden boy.

Wasting: crusts of sandwiches. I'm just as bad as a kid!

Trusting: God knows what He's doing.

Wishing: for more time with my girlfriends.

Enjoying: snuggles with my love at the end of each day.

Waiting: for USCIS approval for adoption so we can move forward.

Liking: Greek God's salted honey greek yogurt. To. Die.

Wondering: when I'll get to sleep soundly again.

Loving: snuggles with Landon during a movie when he's not aware of what mama is up to!

Hoping: for temps above 55 to play outside with no coats

Marveling: at the Lord's faithfulness to me.

Needing: to find a hobby.

Anticipating: running a half marathon with Jason. Eek!

Contemplating: living with more grace.

Smelling: sweet Aiden-boy hair.

Wearing: jeans and a hoodie.

Following: the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Knowing: God has me where I'm at for a reason.

Thinking: there isn't enough coffee in all the world.

Praying: to be poured out, filled with more love and grace.

Bookmarking: favorite recipes on the tablet. Recipes for dayz.

Opening: the pantry for the gazillionth time. Maybe I'll find a new snack I didn't buy and that will secretly take my breath away.

Giggling: at the girlie girl that is my Charlotte. She'll be 3 tomorrow. How in the world did that happen??


Feeling: completely exhausted. grateful. worn out. blessed.


Through Unspeakable Joy,