Being Honest

Last year, I did a money-saving blog. It included tips and tricks on how to save money, make a little extra and basically be frugal. It also included posts here and there about other things - parenting, mommy-life, etc. But one thing was vitally missing and I can't believe I didn't fully realize it.

My love and passion is Jesus, y'all.

If you know me even a little bit, I sure hope you know that. Jesus is my everything. How could I treat Him like a side note when He's always the main event?

So this blog isn't meant to be super-mainstream. It's not meant to help you live an easier life, but hopefully a more fulfilling, satisfying one.

My goal is to write from my heart on what matters most to me - my faith, family and whatever else comes to mind. I don't want to be boxed in by what I've seen. I just want to write and share.

I still love saving money. I still love to cook. So expect to see some of that, too. I just want everything in my life to flow out of my intense love for the God who created me to be in relationship with Him.

And if people want to read, that's great. If they choose not to, fine by me.

My hope is to encourage, to be honest and maybe even give a different perspective at times.

I love writing, and I just want to be honest - with every part of my life.

Through unspeakable joy,