Using Essential Oils for Emotions: Naturally Helping Anxiety, Depression and Overwhelm

using essential oils for emotions (natural support for anxiety, depression, worry)

It can feel like so much, right? Emotions pile up and no matter how many times you can tell yourself that your emotions don’t control you and that you have power over them, sometimes it just downright doesn’t feel that way.

As a former mental health counselor and just person with big emotions who emotionally takes in everything, essential oils have been key for me.

As a believer in Jesus, please read this post knowing a few things:

+ essential oils are not a replacement for time with God

+ essential oils are not a replacement for counseling

+ essential oils are not a replacement for medication, please discuss any medication issues with your doctor

+ essential oils are a natural tool that can further help you but may take some trial and error to get things to where they are most effective/make the most sense for you.

All the oils I discuss and use are Young Living essential oils only. Please, please do not use oils from the grocery store, amazon or health food store. Your body is far too precious and Young Living oils are pure, therapeutic grade, the only oils I trust my family to. Other oils companies (due to FDA “regulations” are only required to fill the bottle 5% with essential oil, the other 95% can be whatever the company chooses to save a buck - usually toxic chemical fillers that can negatively interact with your body, including medications you are on.

When I had a horrible bout with anxiety recently including several way-too-close-calls with panic attacks, I knew it was time to re-evaluate what was going on in my heart and mind and work through some issues. For me, I knew that what I was dealing with was a combination of stressful circumstances, lack of routine and old wounds surfacing in negative ways I could not anticipate.

Because I knew that my issues were so closely tied to past (and mostly undealt with) hurts, I knew that I needed to invite God into the process of emotionally uncovering what was going on and why certain issues were causing such physical and mental turmoil.

What has helped me tremendously has been working through the process in the book The Aroma Freedom Technique by Dr. Benjamin Perkus. In the book, Dr. Perkus lays out a simple yet profound method for working through hurts as well as future goals using some key steps in conjunction with Young Living essential oils.

Aroma Freedom Technique or AFT is not an inherently Christian approach or method, but for me as a Jesus follower, I find that it does not contradict Biblical teachings and for me, I will pray throughout the process and more make it about God revealing and showing me what He wants to versus trying to gain wisdom and understanding on my own. I trust that God will show me whatever He needs to that is helpful for me and my growth, and I’ve seen this first hand using AFT. If you are a fellow believer, I hope that is helpful to you and if not, you are welcome here and feel free to carry on with the rest of this post. :)

—-> You can purchase the AFT book HERE.

using essential oils for emotions (natural support for anxiety, depression, worry)

Once you get the book, you’ll see how easy it is to use AFT, which is primarily thinking of what you want to work on/get to the bottom of/resolve. In a quiet place (I loved being in my room, door locked, white noise machine going, diffuser bubbling with Young Living’s Northern Lights Black Spruce + Bergamot oils), you’ll want to get alone and be able to focus for maybe 30-45 minutes. Next, you ascribe it a number from 0-10 that you believe it’ll actually happen/get resolved and then you try and mentally recall past situations where you have felt similarly to kind of try to uncover where some of the beliefs and emotions are stemming from.

I like to start off the process by praying something along the lines of: “God, you know that I’m really struggling with _________. I can’t figure out why this is such an issue for me, and I need Your help. I pray that You would reveal to me the ways in which I have been affected similarly, where this is all coming from as well as how to move forward in a way that honors You. Lord, I trust that Your plans for me are good and more beautiful than I could ever ask for or imagine. In Jesus’ Name, amen.”

using essential oils for emotions (natural support for anxiety, depression, worry)

Maybe one of the coolest things about doing AFT? You only really need three essential oils to get started! Major bonus? They all come in the premium starter kit! You’ll need frankincense, stress away and lavender. These will be your three big players and the only other additional oil you might want to order for AFT is either the believe or abundance blend, both are also through Young Living.

After doing AFT several times for myself I’m convinced that this is one of the most helpful tools to help us understand ourselves and our thoughts and emotions better so that we can more effectively deal with things like anxiety and depression that pop up.

I would love to help you get started with essential oils and answer any questions you have about them or AFT. Feel free to check out THIS post or message me on Instagram for further help. Here for you anytime and wish you all the best on your journey with this!