Essential Oils for Naturally Supporting Vaginal Infections and PH Imbalances

Essential Oils for Naturally Supporting Vaginal Infections and PH Imbalances

Well, go ahead and file this one under blog posts I thought I’d never write! I’m a firm believer in helping a sistah out when I can and if someone hadn’t shared their testimony online for using oils “down there”, I wouldn’t have had a starting point for this either!

For me, it was about 4 years ago and I knew something was pretty off with me. I was scheduled for my annual gynecological visit and while there, as I was telling the doctor my symptoms (ladies, feel free to google “vagnial PH imbalance”) she told me that it was nothing to be concerned about and that everything would return to normal. But, uh, clearly I wasn’t feeling normal, and my symptoms were not pretty or convenient.

I had just gotten into essential oils with Young Living several months prior and wondered if there were any oils that could help with what I was experiencing - bring me relief and a little peace of mind. Turns out tea tree does!

Now, I am not a doctor, in the medical profession or able to diagnose or treat anyone. I believe in modern medicine and use natural options whenever possible as I’ve seen life-changing effects from using our Young Living oils and products for over 4 years now.

As a quick note, please, please, please do not use oils you’ve found at Target, Kohl’s, on Amazon or even your local health food store. Not for anything, but especially when you’re talking about your vagina.

The reason being is according to the FDA standards for essential oils, the only thing a company has to do is fill their essential oil bottles with 5% essential oil. FIVE.PER.CENT. The other 95% can be whatever the heck that company wants - toxic, harmful chemical fillers, you name it. Most companies bottom line is their bottom line and so giving you a cheaper, half-baked product doesn’t make them stay up at night like it should. Don’t waste your money, sis. Young Living essential oils are 100% higher than the FDA standard for ‘organic’ and each and every drop is truly the purest form of the plant, scrub or resin it came from - the seed of that plant grown in organic soil, that plant harvested at peak time and that plant distilled or cold pressed at the exact perfect temperature to bring us the most beautiful, helpful essential oil possible.

Essential Oils for Naturally Supporting Vaginal Infections and PH Imbalances

You will not regret getting them through Young Living which you can do HERE and I would love to have you as a customer and share with you all of our amazing team resources!

Okay, back to vajayjay’s. hahaha

Since PH imbalances and infections are bacterially-driven, we need to kick that bad bacteria out and get some good stuff in. No pun intended. Wink.

Essential Oils for Naturally Supporting Vaginal Infections and PH Imbalances

So for a PH imbalance which is on it’s way to an infection or an actual full-fledged infection, here’s what I like to use:

Tea Tree Oil - antibacterial, antifugal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiparasitic, strong antiseptic, antiviral and so.much.more.

Lemon Oil - antiseptic, antifugal, antioxidant.

Oregano Oil - antibacterial, antifugal, antiparasitic, antiseptic, antiviral, immune stimulant.

Thieves Oil - antibacterial, antifugal, anti-infectious, antiparasitic, strong antiseptic, purifier, oxygenator and helps reduce mental fatigue.

Frankincense Oil - anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immune-stimulant.

And, GUYS. Lemon, Thieves and Frankincense all come in the Premium Starter Kit, the baller, hands-down best way to get started with Young Living. Over $440 worth of oils (plus a diffuser FO FREE) for only $165. Oh, you know, and you’ll get an additional 9 everyday oils and 24% off all your other Young Living orders for the rest of your life. Totally the best way to go!

Here’s my “protocol”:

  • In a very small bowl, pour 2 Tbsp of carrier oil (I use fractionated coconut oil that you can get HERE) but any other fatty, gentle oil like extra virgin olive oil will work as well. I use a carrier oil so the essential oils aren’t the first thing “hitting” my vaginal wall, but that they are mixed together with the carrier oil.

  • Pour 4 drops of each Tea Tree and Oregano oil into the coconut oil in bowl. Be sure not to do many more drops than this, as they are powerful oils and you don’t need any more than that. With Young Living oils, a little goes a really long way.

  • Take tampon of choice - natural, unbleached, whatever your preference - and swirl it around in the coconut oil/essential oil mixture. Your tampon will soak this up INSANELY fast.

  • Insert tampon into vagina and let sit for a couple of hours. I’ve let mine sit for up to 4 hours and it’s always been totally fine. The first time I did this, the Tea Tree felt a little tingly “in there” but not in an uncomfortable or painful way.

Essential Oils for Naturally Supporting Vaginal Infections and PH Imbalances

Additionally, I take some essential oils internally in a vegetable capsule which you can also get through Young Living. I take oils internally every morning, but in instances like this, I make sure to take them more often, usually twice a day in what I use below.

  • Open up your vegetable capsule, they easily come apart in two pieces. Taking the larger of the two pieces, you’ll pour a few drops of essential oils into it: I like to do 3 drops each of lemon and thieves and 2 drops frankincense.

  • Place the smaller piece of the veggie capsule back onto the larger piece, making sure it’s secure, then swallow with water. Some of these capsules are bigger than pills you might be used to taking, so make sure you get plenty of water.

With both of these methods of handling this not-so-fun issue, I just listen to my body and see what it needs. Sometimes it’s taken a few days to get back on track and back to normal and other times I’m back to myself in a day!

Hope this helps you or a friend!